Format: CD
Artist: Big Big Train
CatNo: EERCD0019
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Big Big Train Grimspound cd
Telling stories from the meadowland and the mead hall, tales of scientists, artists, poets, and more, BBT set a course for the stars on their 2017 studio release Grimspound; an instrumentally expansive follow-up to the award-winning Folklore.
Judy Dyble guests on The Ivy Gate.
CD edition softpac sleeve with 24 page booklet.
1. Brave Captain (12:37)
2. On the Racing Line (5:12)
3. Experimental Gentlemen (10:01)
4. Meadowland (3:36)
5. Grimspound (6:56)
6. The Ivy Gate (7:27)
7. A Mead Hall in Winter (15:20)
8. As the Crow Flies (6:44)