Format: vinyl
Artist: Brian Eno
CatNo: WAST024LP
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The Drop Brian Eno vinyl
A double vinyl reissue of Eno's underrated 'Space Jazz' album from 1997.
The Drop was intended not only as a new area for his sonic explorations but as an entirely new style of 'Drop' music. 
Described by Eno as an interpretation of jazz from an alien perspective, The Drop also integrates Eno's interests in the melodic yet percussive basslines of Fela Kuti and the labyrinthine melodies of The Mahavishnu Orchestra. 
This is the first time the album has appeared on vinyl and this edition includes 2 tracks not on the CD (Slicing System and Sharply Cornered), a unique vinyl edit of the track Iced World and a download card. The inner bags contain photos and images, plus writing by Eno.
A1. Slip, Dip 
A2. But If 
A3. Belgian Drop 
A4. Cornered
A5. Block Drop 
A6. Out/Out 
A7. Swanky 
B1. Coasters 
B2. Blissed 
B3. M.C. Organ 
B4. Boomcubist 
B5. Hazard 
C1. Rayonism 
C2. Dutch Blur 
C3. Back Clack 
C4. Dear World 
C5. Slicing System 
C6. Sharply Cornered 
D1. Iced World