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Artist: Various Artists
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Club Soul cd Volume 2 - The Twisted Wheel

The Twisted Wheel in Manchester is one of the legendary names in British clubbing history. Originally launched in a coffee bar in 1963 it quickly developed a reputation as one of the country's finest venues for hearing obscure, imported soul, R&B and ska records. Music fans would flock from all around the country to the weekly all-nighters to hear these records along with live sets from some of the finest soul artists of the time. The term 'Northern Soul' was in fact first coined by the journalist Dave Godin following a visit to the Twisted Wheel to describe the distinctive brand of music played there. This new compilation collects some of the classic tracks that would have been played at the time. The 28 tracks include gems from Little Richard, Bo Didley, Benny Spellman, Ernie K Doe, Solomon Burke, Gene Chandler, Betty Everett, The Dells, Fats Domino and more.

Catapult yourself back to the mid-60's! The TWISTED WHEEL the legendary Manchester All Nite Club that laid the foundation for today's worldwide Northern Soul scene. This CD, in a luxury rigid digibook package sweeps the very best of the Club's eclectic selection of great 60s dance tunes!


1. Turn On Your Lovelight [02:37]
2. Do The 45 [02:32]
3. Dance What You Wanna [02:20]
4. Get Down With It [02:29]
5. At The Party [02:49]
6. Road Runner [02:47]
7. Jenny Take A Ride! [03:24]
8. Smacksie [02:45]
9. Talk To Me Baby (put Some Sugar In My Ear) [02:01]
10. You Shot Me Through The Grease [02:55]
11. Fortune Teller [02:10]
12. A Certain Girl [02:42]
13. Searchin` [02:38]
14. Cry To Me [02:31]
15. I Love The Way You Love [02:37]
16. Long Time No See [02:37]
17. (gonna Be) Good Times [02:18]
18. Getting Mighty Crowded [02:13]
19. I Can`t See Your Love (For The Tears In My Eyes) - Part 1 [02:36]
20. The Boy From New York City [03:07]
21. And Get Away [02:39]
22. It`s Not Unusual [02:13]
23. Shake And Vibrate [02:26]
24. Bring It Home [02:46]
25. I Spy (For The Fbi) [02:34]
26. Wade In The Water [02:48]
27. Omar Khayyam [02:12]
28. It Keeps Rainin` [02:47]