Format: Vinyl
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE855
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Demon Gazpacho Vinyl
Gazpacho's 2014 studio release Demon comprises 4 songs based on 'the mad ramblings left behind by an unknown tenant in an apartment in Prague'. Delving deep within the demon that possessed the inhabitant and exploring the evil he has caused and all that he is capable of, the album continues the rich vein of inventive storytelling and ambitious music that typified their celebrated March Of Ghosts release.
A 180g heavyweight vinyl edition - Mastered for vinyl by Thor Legvold at Sonovo Mastering
Side 1:
1. I've Been Walking (9:49)
2. The Wizard Of Altai Mountains (4:52)
3. I've Been Walking Part 2 (6:09)
Side 2:
1. I've Been Walking Part 2 continued (6:22)
2. Death Room (18:46)