Format: Vinyl
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE896
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Gazpacho Firebird vinyl
2016 Kscope double vinyl edition of Gazpacho's 2005 studio album, which was originally released on Marillion's Racket Records.
Steve Rothery guests on Do You Know What You Are Saying?, and various fans submitted sound samples that the band used on the album. Among the unusual instruments featured on the album are maracas, a comb and a Leopard II battle tank.
Released for the first time on vinyl, this edition of Firebird is on double 180g black vinyl (with a 4th side artwork etching) packaged in a gatefold sleeve.
1. Vulture [5:46]
2. Symbols [4:05]
3. Swallow [5:39]
1. Orion I [5:17]
2. Orion II [3:08]
3. Prisoner [4:16]
4. Jezebel [4:19]
1. Black Widow [4:30]
2. Firebird [5:22]
3. Do You Know What You Are Saying? [6:23]
4. Once In A Lifetime [5:22]
Artwork etching