Format: CD
Artist: Goblin
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Goblin Beyond The Darkness 1977-2001 CD


Beyond the Darkness is an anthology of the second half of the career of the Italian band Goblin, best known for its propulsive scores for Italian film director Dario Argento.  
Combining elements of progressive psychedelia with jazz-rock, Eastern European folk music and the Baroque, Goblin's music remains an eerie one-off.
La Via Della Droga (The Heroin Busters) (1977)
1. La Via Della Droga (Sequence 10)
2. La Via Della Droga (Sequence 2)
3. La Via Della Droga (Sequence 4)
Buio Omega (Beyond The Darkness) (1979)
4. Buio Omega (Main Title)
5. Quiet Drops (Film Version)
6. Bikini Island
7. Ghost Vest
Patrick (1979)
8. Transmute 9. Follie
10. Metamorfosi
Squadra Antigangsters (Little Italy) (1979)
11. Trumpet's Flight (Alternate Version)
12. Squadra Antigangsters (Movie Take 1)
Amo Non Amo (I Love You, I Love You Not). (1979)
13. Both-Two (Alternate Version)
14. Funky Top
15. Amo Non Amo
Contamination (1980)
16. The Carver
17. Time Is On
18. Withy
Notturno (Spy Connection) (1983)
19. Nocturne
20. Helycopter
21. Bass Theme
22. Landing Strip
Phenomena (1985)
23. Jennifer 
24. Phenomena
La Chiesa (The Church) (1988)
25. Lotte
Non Ho Sonno (Sleepless) (2001)
26. Arpeggio - End Title