Format: boxset
Artist: Hipgnosis
CatNo: ACB-003-2012
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Boxset Hipgnosis Setowski Box Set

A deluxe box set containing two full-length 180gm vinyl albums by the epic Polish Space Prog band Hipgnosis - Sky Is The Limit from 2006 and Relusion from 2011- plus a hard cover art book featuring Tomasz Setowski's paintings.

For fans of Tangerine Dream, Ozric Tentacles, Hawkwind and Pink Floyd.
We appreciate that the shipping cost of this item is high - this is due to the heavy weight of the vinyl and the box. As this is a valuable release we have also included postal insurance as standard. We will ship using Royal Mail (in the UK) and your local postal service - you will need to sign for the package.


Sky's The Limit (2006):
Side One:
1. If (5:08)
2. Tired - The Sand Storm Around (6:10)
3. Mantra (7:40)
Side Two:
4. Force Hit (7:21)
2. Xenomorph - Nie Lubie Nienawisci - Gnosis I - Ummademmic (10:06 )
6. Mantra - Sky Is The Limit (4:01)
Relusion (2011)
Side One:
1. Cold (19:06)
Side Two:
1. Cult Of Cargo (10:07)
2. Dr What (6:26)
Side Three:
1. The Garden (5:10)
2. Relusion (9:02)
Side Four:
6. Large Hadron Collider (22:23)