In this spell-binding performance, the narratives of families in one small community tell the bigger story of the First World War. 
Lives and deaths on several fronts are played out without leaving the boundaries of an English parish. The trials, tragedies and triumphs at home open a human window onto the trauma that shaped the twentieth century. 
Using material from the Lincolnshire County Archive and songs composed by men who lived through the war (George Butterworth, Ivor Gurney, Gerald Finzi) alongside traditional and original material, musicians and storytellers invoke an English rural world in crisis, a world that is both remote and familiar
1. August 9th Tune: Matilda’s (John Dipper arr. Dipper & Patterson)
2. August 21st
3. August 26th Tune: Daniel Cowper (trad arr. Dipper)
4. October 2nd Tune: The Lads in their Hundreds (arr. Patterson)
5. Song: The Lads in their Hundreds (Words A E Housman, Music George Butterworth, arr. Dipper & Patterson)
6. October 4th
7. October 10th
8. November 4th
9. November 15th Tune: Fidler’s Morris (trad with new material arr. Dipper)
10. April 25th
11. May 8th Tune: Matilda’s (as above)
12. August 4th
13. September 1st
14. November 16th
15. March 10th & March 12th Tune: The Silver Lining (John Dipper arr. Dipper & Patterson)
16. April 20th
17. June 2nd
18. October 3rd
19. October 4th Song: I was his Officer (Words adapted from Ewart Alan Mackintosh, Music James Patterson, arr. Dipper & Patterson)
20. December 10th
21. Tune: Mr & Mrs Wyatt (John Dipper arr. Dipper & Patterson)
22. February 15th
23. February 20th
24. March 18th Song/Tune: Drive the Cold Winter Away (trad with new material arr. Dipper & Patterson, with words by Ivor Gurney)
25. November 3rd
26. December 13th Song: In the time of the Breaking of Nations (Words Thomas Hardy, Music Gerald Finzi arr. Dipper & Patterson)
27. June 23rd
28. Tune: Matilda’s (as above)
29. November 17th Song: The Lads in their Hundreds (as above)
30. November 11th
31. Tune: The Lads in their Hundreds (instrumental, as above)
Storytellers: Hugh Lupton & Nick Hennessey
Musicians: John Dipper & James Patterson