Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Lifesigns
CatNo: LML002
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cd dvd Lifesigns Live In London - Under The Bridg John Young
Following the 2013 release of the band's hugely popular debut album, Lifesign's Live In London is a high-definition 3 disc (2CD/DVD) audio-visual set.
Filmed at Under The Bridge in January 2015 by award-winning director Paul Shammasian, Live In London is a superb representation of Lifesign's unique talents and spectacular live show.
A true virtuoso band - John Young, Frosty Beedle, Jon Poole (Cardiacs) and Niko Tsonev (Steven Wilson) - performing the entirety of its debut album, along with four new and unreleased tracks.
CD / DVD (Region 0) track listing:
1. Lighthouse
2. Telephone
3. Voice in my Head
4. Different
5. Impossible
6. Open Skies
7. Fridge Full of Stars
8. At the End of the World
9. Kings
10. Carousel