Format: CD
Artist: Lunatic Soul
CatNo: KSCOPE475
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Lunatic Soul Walking On A Flashlight Beam Mariusz Duda cd
Mid-price CD edition of Lunatic Soul's 2014 studio release in digipak.
As with previous Lunatic Soul albums the artwork was created by the renowned cover artist Travis Smith who has previous created covers for the likes of Opeth & Riverside. 
"It's often like the best film music... distinctly dramatic, verging on gothic from the opening eerie noises... honours the Pink Floyd branches of the Porcupine Tree" - Prog Magazine (UK)
"In nine pieces he creates a soundscape that has no equal. With this album he recommends himself for a collaboration with Steven Wilson. A collaboration at eyelevel." 9/10 - Eclipsed, Album of the Month (DE)
"Duda sounds so much like Depeche Mode, David Sylvian and Steven Wilson that you might consider [the] highest chart positions [for] songs like "Gutter" and "Treehouse". With album #4 he delivers the strongest/convincing album of his solo project" - Visions (DE)
1. Shutting Out The Sun [8:40]
2. Cold [6:58]
3. Gutter [8:42]
4. Stars Sellotaped [1:34]
5. The Fear Within [7:10]
6. Treehouse [5:31]
7. Pygmalion's Ladder [12:02]
8. Sky Drawn In Crayon [4:58]
9. Walking On A Flashlight Beam [8:11]