Format: CD
Artist: Neil Sadler
CatNo: BA10012
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Neil Sadler Theory Of Forms CD

Theory Of Forms, from 1999, is composer/percussionist/keyboardist Neil Sadler's astonishing debut album.

A powerfully inventive fusion of Jazz, Rock and dark percussive experiments, Sadler's complex compositions are enhanced by the presence of muso legends Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller - both at their incendiary best - and a slew of Frank Zappa horn alumni (Walt Fowler, Albert Wing, Bruce Fowler, Kurt McGettrick and Steve Fowler) plus LA bassist extraordinaire Joel Woods. 
"Sadler has created the quintessential fusion release." - Fuse
"Neil knocks me out completely. I loved playing that stuff." - Mike Keneally 
"If you're into hot sax, brash brass, wild-n-weird guitar, bizarre synth  atmospherics, complex percussion lines, and tight compositions, you'll get off on this. Guaranteed." Progression
"This is electric jazz that simply kicks butt in complicated ways." - Expose
1. Jazz Bastards (6.46)
2. DNA For Beginners (9.37)
3. Suehiro (4.36)
4. Theory Of Forms (12.36)
5. Sid Sings (5.38)
6. runRim (7.21)
7. wFb (9.00
<a href="">Click here for Jazz Bastards sample.</a></b>