Format: vinyl
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: SMALP1041
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Ozric Tentacles Live Ethereal Cereal vinyl
Remastered double LP edition of the Ozrics classic third album from 1986 pressed on heavyweight (180g) vinyl.
Erp Riff and Tentacular Explosion are powerhouses of improvisational energy. A nod to Gong and Steve Hillage is found on Aumriff ('Om Riff'), which is as close as the Ozrics would ever come to a cover version. Unsurprisingly, the 'pot head pixie' tune effortlessly dovetails with the Ozric's own material.
Live Ethereal Cereal is an excellent example of the Ozric's on blistering mid-1980s form.
1. Erpriff (Glastonbury Oct 1985) [9:27]
2. Stupid Reggae (Glastonbury Oct 1985) [6:13]
1. Tentacular Explosion (Reading Dec 1985) [10:04]
2. Aumriff (Reading Dec 1985) Mantric Mutterings in Which Tig Evaporates [4:33]
1. Obstacular Explosion (Reading Feb 1986) [13:36]
1. Og-ha-be (Glastonbury Oct 1985) [8:36]
2. Dots Thots (Reading Sept 1985) [4:47]
3. Erpitaph (Feb 1986) [3:35]