A specially priced 5cd overview of Steve Reich's remarkable career, including Pat Metheny's seminal 1987 rendition of Electric Counterpoint.
This is the 2006 edition.
CD 1:
1) Music for 18 Musicians (1976): 
Pulses; Section I; Section II; Section III; Section IV; Section V; Section VI; Section VII; Section VIII; Section IX; Section X; Section XI; Pulses
CD 2:
1) Different Trains (1988): 
America-Before the War; Europe-During the War; After the War
2) Tehillim (1981): 
Part I: Fast; Part II: Fast; Part III: Slow; Part IV: Fast
3) Eight Lines (1979)
CD 3:
1) You Are (Variations) (2004): 
You Are Wherever Your Thoughts Are; Siviti Hashem L'Negdi (I Place the Eternal Before Me); Explanations come to an End Somewhere; Ehmore M'Aht V'Ahsay Harbay (Say Little and Do Much)
2) New York Counterpoint (1985): 
Fast; Slow; Fast
3) Cello Counterpoint (2003)
4) Electric Counterpoint (1987): 
Fast; Slow; Fast
5) Triple Quartet (1999): 
First Movement; Second Movement; Third Movement
CD 4:
1) Come Out (1966)
2) Proverb (1995)
3) The Desert Music (1984): 
First Movement (Fast); Second Movement (Moderate); Third Movement, Part One (Slow); Third Movement, Part Two (Moderate); Third Movement, Part Three (Slow); Fourth Movement (Moderate); Fifth Movement (Fast).
CD 5:
1) Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ (1973)
2) Drumming (1971): 
Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IV.
Catalogue # 7559 799 622 / Released - September, 2006.