Format: CD
Artist: XTC
CatNo: APECD119
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XTC Wasp Star - Apple Venus Volume I Andy Partridge cd

Wasp Star - Apple Venus Volume II was XTC's more muscular and guitar orientated flipside to the orchestral AV Volume 1.

Dating from 2000, the album is the band's last studio release to date.
APE label edition.
This CD was previously listed as APECD115. Nothing has changed except the catalogue number.


1. Playground
2. Stupidly Happy
3. In Another Life
4. My Brown Guitar
5. Boarded Up
6. I'm The Man Who 7 Murdered Love
8. We're All Light
9. Standing In For Joe
10. Wounded Horse
11. You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful
12. Church of Women
13. The Wheel and The Maypole