Format: Boxset
Artist: Akercocke
CatNo: EBVILE017
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Akercocke Metal Box set Renaissance In Extremis Peaceville
The acclaimed masters of British Extreme Metal's triumphant 2017 studio return.
Deluxe triple disc edition in Earbook format (with additional booklet).
A bold, bullish and belligerent statement of creative intent.
Towering above the vast majority of nefarious contemporary noisemakers, London’s Akercocke erupted across the consciousness of the UK metal scene in the late 1990s, wielding a fiendishly inventive blend of death, black and progressive metal. Their distinctive, smartly-dressed demeanour and eloquent preoccupation with all things dark and Satanic marked them out both as ferociously individual artists and enlightened students of the pitch-black sonic code. 
Immediately embraced by the British faithful upon the release of debut album ‘Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene’, Akercocke spent the following decade leading the creative charge for their entire national scene. Akercocke received widespread acclaim for follow-up album ‘The Goat of Mendes’ (Peaceville, 2001) and despite enjoying furious momentum over the following years, the release of fifth album ‘Antichrist’ in 2007 signalled the end of the first chapter of the Akercocke story, when the band retreated into the shadows and remained dormant for the best part of a decade. Fast forward to 2017 and Akercocke’s ongoing return to active service has reached its first invigorating climax. 2016 saw frontman and vocalist Jason Mendonca reconvening with drummer David Gray and returning original second guitarist Paul Scanlan to reignite the flames that first drove this band to deftly redefine an entire genre. This was deftly followed by a triumphant live return at Bloodstock festival in August 2016. 
Collectively buoyed by a renewed sense of purpose, the band reunited with former home Peaceville Records, to unleash their sixth full-length release. Mixed by legendary studio guru Neil Kernon [Nile/Deicide/Thin Lizzy/Yes] and mastered in NYC by Alan Douches [Death, Misfits, CroMags] at West West Side Music.
‘Renaissance In Extremis’ represents a new dawn for these most eccentric of extremists. A comprehensive reinvention and expansion of the band’s sound, ‘Renaissance In Extremis’ delivers euphoric force and mind-boggling weirdness. There are scything thrash and death metal riffs in abundance, plus warped but elegant melodies and clouds of ugly dissonance; moments of unsettling calm and quiet. 
“The magnificent rebirth of the one of the greatest British metal bands of all time, Renaissance In Extremis is verve, vitality and viciousness incarnate.” - Dom Lawson – Metal Hammer 
This deluxe edition features 3 discs, including previously unreleased studio recordings, demos & cover versions, and rare live recordings from Sunday Service At The Devil’s Church & festivals. 
CD 1
1 Disappear
2 Unbound By Sin
3 Insentience
4 First To Leave The Funeral
5 Familiar Ghosts
6 A Final Glance Back Before Departing
7 One Chapter Ends For Another To Begin
8 Inner Sanctum
9 A Particularly Cold September
CD 2
1 Inner Darkness
2 About The Beyond
3 Ascension
4 To The Realm Of The Universe
5 Black Key Study
6 Devil
7 Salome
8 Butchery Of The Nazarene
9 Evil Dead
10 Mesmerized
CD 3
1 Hell
2 Nadja
3 Il Giardino Di Monte Oliveto Maggiore
4 Marguerite & Gretchen
5 Zulieka
6 Salome
7 Justine
8 He Is Risen (Live @ Total Fest, London, March 2002)
9 Infernal Rites (Live @ Total Fest, London, March 2002)
10 Masks Of God (Live @ SWR Fest, Portugal, April 2004)