Format: Book/Magazine
Artist: Andy Boot
CatNo: 9781789521276
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Andy Boot Caravan On Track Book Caravan

Caravan On Track traces the history of the 'Canterbury Sound' legends track-by-track, taking in the band's eighteen studio albums (alongside its many live and BBC session releases).

With ever-present Pye Hastings on guitar, vocals and songwriting and the late Richard Coughlan on drums, the influential band has also been defined by the skills of viola player Geoff Richardson and the Sinclair cousins – David on keys and Richard on bass.

An essential guide to a criminally underrated band.



Andy Boot began his writing career on Kerrang! where he tried to write as little about metal and as much about prog as possible. A varied career followed, including non-fiction books on film, true crime and psychic phenomena, as well as novels in sci-fi and thriller franchises. In later years, development work in documentary and unscripted TV kept him away from the printed word, but the chance to put down in print all those thoughts about a band who have made him happy since he was fourteen was just too good to resist. He lives in Essex, UK.