Format: vinyl
Artist: Anekdoten
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Anekdoten Gravity vinyl
**Final copies. Reduced price as these have a seam split on the top edge of the outer sleeve.
Sold as seen, no returns**
Anekdoten's fourth album from 2003.
Sometimes sweet, acoustic and Psychedelic, and sometimes atmospheric, Gravity succeeds in mixing Anekdoten's traditional style with more contemporary influences.
Mellotron meets Farfisa organ!
2016 140g white vinyl pressing with thick cardboard gatefold sleeve and printed innerbag. 
Side 1:
1. Monolith (6:07)
2. Ricochet (5:44)
3. The War Is Over (4:42)
4. What Should But Did Not Die (6:43) 
Side 2:
1. SW4 (6:04)
2. Gravity (8:19)
3. The Games We Play (3:24)
4. Seljak (5:16)