Format: CD
Artist: Anekdoten
CatNo: VIRTA002
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Anekdoten Nucleus cd
Anekdoten's second album from 1995.
Nucleus was an uncompromising, grungy and distorted affair. Some found it too heavy and extreme, while others found the album to be a major leap forward for the band. Regardless, Nucleus confirmed the Anekdoten's status within the Prog community and is considered a cult album by many of the band's fans.
This is the remastered edition with bonus track and enhanced packaging from 2004.
1. Nucleus (5:08) 
2. Harvest (6:58) 
3. Book of Hours (9:58) 
4. Raft (0:58) 
5. Rubankh (3:07) 
6. Here (7:23) 
7. This Far From The Sky (8:47) 
8. In Freedom (6:27)
Bonus track:
9. Luna Surface (6:41)