Format: CD
Artist: Dave Sinclair
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Full Circle Dave Sinclair cd
"Its about time... someone said to me when they heard that I was recording a new album. I didn't realise at that time how significant those words would be! In life, it doesn't matter how much you want to do something special, quite often you have to wait for the right time. With this album it certainly has been the case, and I'm pleased that my departure from Caravan has given me the chance to explore and develop my songwriting. 
All the songs on this album, apart from two, are recent compositions, in fact three were written after I started recording in March. The two exceptions are 'O Caroline' and what is now entitled 'Peace in Time!' These were written in the days of 'Matching Mole' (1971-2). The fact that this music is still valid after all these years, and the importance of unity around the globe, are the main reasons for the albums title ' Full Circle '. Dave Sinclair
1.Thru' the night
2.Forever through the years
3.Best life of all
4.O' Caroline
5.Outside of your love
6.Like to know
7.Without you
8.Nowhere to hide
9.That day
11.Peace in time
12.And when the sun sets
Dave Sinclair ....... Keyboards, Percussion, Vocal, Backing vocals
Roxane ... Vocals and Backing vocals
Marcus Bishop ....... Main Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocal, Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Richard Sinclair ... Vocals, Bass Guitar
Jim Leverton ... Vocals (3 tracks)
Ray Doble .......Vocal (1 track)
Doug Boyle .... Electric and acoustic guitars, Backing vocals
Simon Bentall ... Percussions
Mark Fletcher ... Drums    
Fred Baker........Electric and acoustic bass
Theo Travis....Soprano sax, recorder and flute.
Chris Wong.......Bass guitar
Julian Landymore....Tenor and alto saxes
Hannele Wida.....French vocal
Naomi Harada.....Japanese vocals and Lyrics
Ralph Cross.....rainstick
Tim Vynl.....Trumpet
Rod Brown.......Military drumming and extra  percussion
Takeo Matsui.....Japanese and English voices
Brian Hickey.....English and American voiceovers
Members of St Edmunds School Senior and Junior choirs...Led by Spencer Payne