Format: Vinyl
Artist: Opeth
CatNo: 0727361435615
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Opeth Garden Of The Titans Live At Red Rocks double-vinyl
The mighty Opeth recorded live in the magnificent surroundings of Red Rocks Ampitheatre.
Mixed by David Castillo (Katatonia). 
Limited 2 x 180g vinyl in gatefold, featuring the masterful artwork of ,Travis Smith.
1. Sorceress (Live)
2. Ghost Of Perdition (Live)
1. Demon Of The Fall (Live)
2. The Wilde Flowers (Live)
3. In My Time Of Need (Live)
1. The Devil’s Orchard (Live)
2. Cusp Of Eternity (Live)
3. Heir Apparent (Live)
1. Era (Live)
2. Deliverance (Live)