Format: Vinyl
Artist: Opeth
CatNo: 0727361382216
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Opeth Sorceress vinyl Progressive Metal
The double vinyl edition of Opeth's twelfth studio album Sorceress.
The band's first on its own Moderbolaget imprint via Nuclear Blast, the album shows yet another progression in terms of the maturity of the songwriting and the depth of the emotions on display.
2 x black vinyl in a gatefold cover.
A1 Persephone
A2 Sorceress
A3 The Wilde Flowers
A4 Will O The Wisp
B1 Chrysalis
B2 Sorceress 2
B3 The Seventh Sojourn
C1 Strange Brew
C2 A Fleeting Glance
C3 Era
C4 Persephone (Slight Return)
D1 The Ward