Zenith is the debut solo album by Riverside guitarist Maciej Meller (ex-Quidam, Meller/Gołyźniak/Duda, Colin Bass). 
A loose concept album about mid-life concerns, Maciej says, ’This is a 45-minute musical journey through progressive-alternative-guitar spaces with a couple of guys in their 40s, who are more or less halfway there, they’ve reached the zenith of their lives. The album deals with fear, uncertainty, anxiety, doubt, but also hope. It’s about all the questions concerning the other half. Can we win? What if there’s a tie? What if …’
Krzysiek Borek wrote the lyrics and sings on all 8 songs, while the song Trip was composed by Mariusz Duda (Riverside, Lunatic Soul etc). 
The beautiful graphic design comes courtesy of Anna Gancarczyk and Kaja Sosnowska.
Double vinyl in gatefold cover featuring an instrumental version of the album on sides C and D.
1. Aside
2. Knife
3. Plan B
4. Halfway
1. Frozen
2. Fox
3. Trip
4. Magic
1. Aside (instrumental)
2. Knife (instrumental)
3. Plan B (instrumental)
4. Halfway (instrumental)
1. Frozen (instrumental)
2. Fox (instrumental)
3. Trip (instrumental)
4. Magic (instrumental)