Format: vinyl
Artist: Rush
CatNo: 0081227954208
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Rush Snakes and Arrows vinyl

The hugely successful Snakes & Arrows - Rush's 19th studio album from 2007 - was seen as something of a return to the more complex and detailed sound of the band's late 1970s albums. 

Double super heavyweight 200g vinyl edition.


Side One:
1. Far Cry
2. Armor And Swords
3. Workin' Them Angels
Side Two:
1. The Larger Bowl
2. Spindrift
3. The Main Monkey Business 
Side Three:
1. The Way The Wind Blows
2. Hope 
3. Faithless
Side Four:
1. Bravest Face
2. Good News First
3. Malignant Narcissism 
4. We Hold On