Format: CD
Artist: Grice
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Grice Refractions_EP CD Signed Richard_Barbieri Limited
Remixes and re-imaginings of tracks from the album Alexandrine by Grice.
The 4-track EP features remixes by Richard Barbieri, Beloved Aunt (aka Suzanne Barbieri) and Clogmill.
Limited CD in a card wallet with original artwork and paper seals.
Signed by Grice.
1. 12 syllables (Clogmill remix)
2. She’s in my Garden (Richard Barbieri remix)
3. Clear Conscious and Free (Beloved Aunt - White Light remix)
4. Eclipse (Beloved Aunt - Black Sun remix)
Songs written by GRICE
Music & Lyrics by GRICE
Remixes by:
Richard Barbieri
Beloved Aunt
Additional musical contributions:
Luca Calabrese
BJ Cole (T-Rex, Felt)
Steve Jansen (Japan, Rain Tree Crow)
Hossam Ramzy (Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd)
Al Swainger
Matt Calder (Sculpture Music).
Original Cover Art courtesy of CJ Peters (8mm film)
Cover design: GRICE
Record label: hungersleep records
The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by GRICE under exclusive license to
hungersleep productions Ltd.