Format: CD
Artist: Dave Bessell
CatNo: DiN47
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Dave Bessell Black Horses Of The Sun cd Din Boddy
Black Hoses Of The Sun is the second solo from Dave Bessell, one of the founding members of the influential electronic 'analogue supergroup', Node
Black Horses of the Sun is the 2015 release from Dave Bessell, who in recent years has released a number of fascinating solo recordings (including Morphogenic with Parallel Worlds DiN41). 
Black Horse builds on the distinctive detailed atmospheric style of Bessell's previous releases, while adding more melodic focal points. As with previous releases nothing is quite what it seems in the sonic worlds created here, melodies frequently take an unusual twist and the tracks can sometimes take off at an unexpected tangent. 
The tools are predominantly analogue hardware with a sprinkling of contributions from custom written software alongside treated guitar. The atmospheres range from mysterious to darkly foreboding with occasional more relaxed flashes of ambient sunlight. Overall there is often a widescreen cinematic sense of scale which would not be out of place in a film soundtrack. An eclectic variety of stylistic influences flicker through this music, from classical to industrial, Berlin school ambient to jazz, to the Eno, Fripp & Bowie collaborations of the Berlin years through to echoes of psytrance. All make their appearance from time to time. 
On this release Dave Bessell is joined on a track each by Ian Boddy (well known mainstay of the UK analogue synth scene), Lyonel Bauchet (French TV and Film composer and all round Buchla wizard) and Liam Boyle (incredibly versatile soundtrack composer and Beatles fanatic). Each add their own distinctive contributions. 
A varied and intriguing release combining evocative sound design and intricate arrangements.
1. From Here To There (5:52)
2. Theme One (7:00)
3. Lament (5:46)
4. Paradise Lost (9:10)
5. Wasteland (6:02)
6. Skyrim (7:14)
7. Sleepwalker (9:13)
8. Mirror's Edge (6:00)
9. Fall From Grace (6:11)
All tracks composed, played and produced by Dave Bessell except Theme One (db with Liam Boyle), Lament (db with Ian Boddy) and Paradise Lost (db with Lyonel Bauchet). Mixed and mastered by Dave Bessell. 
Dave Bessell: Macbeth M5n, Moslab system 32, Club of the Knobs sequencer, Alesis Andromeda, Korg Volca Bass, self made software (physical modelling & improvising sequencer), Les Paul Fender, Twin Laney Lionheart, assorted pedals and outboard 
Liam Boyle: Fender Strat, Prophet 08, Roland SH-05, Synthi A, Reaktor, scraped spring reverb 
Ian Boddy: Serge modular, Analogue Systems French Connection keyboard, Moog Voyager 
Lyonel Bauchet: Buchla 200e modular & assorted Buchla modules