Format: Vinyl
Artist: Autopsy
CatNo: VILELP764_del
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Autopsy Retribution For The Dead Vinyl
Autopsy’s first EP of rotten to the core Death Metal - from 1991 - re-released on vinyl with its original artwork.
Retribution For The Dead was originally released  in 1991, sandwiched in between the band’s all-time Death Metal classic albums Severed Survival and Mental Funeral
With the core trio of Chris Reifert, Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles joined by Steve Cutler on bass, Autopsy delivered another rotten dose of punishing and deranged Death Metal. 
Includes earlier versions of the tracks In the Grip Of Winter and Destined To Fester, which were then to appear in re-recorded form on the band’s second LP, Mental Funeral. 
1. Retribution For The Dead 
1. Destined To Fester 
2. In The Grip Of Winter