Format: CD
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: CD053
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Bill Nelson New Vibrato Wonderland CD
Described as, ‘Vocal and guitar based with a hint of modern Psychedelia coupled with electro-glitch percussion sounds and a touch of string orchestra,’ New Vibrato Wonderland marks the first album recorded on Bill Nelson’s new recording set-up.
CD in jewel case.
'Last year I installed a Cubase Pro advanced recording system in my home studio, after my much loved Mackie hardware based system finally gave up the ghost after 20 years of constant use. I had been reluctant to go down the purely software based route but now there was no other choice. The learning curve was fairly steep and it has been a slow process but I’m gradually getting used to it.
Since installing the new system I’ve recorded over 100 tracks, putting ideas down spontaneously, just to get to grips with how the equipment works. It’s been a sometimes frustrating process but now is the time to begin releasing some of this material. 
I’ve chosen 14 tracks from the 100 or so recordings I’ve made and assembled them into an album. This is the first album to be released using the Cubase system, but more will follow. The album is titled New Vibrato Wonderland and is vocal and guitar based with a hint of modern psychedelia coupled with electro-glitch percussion sounds and a touch of string orchestra. But don’t take that description as accurate, you might hear something quite different. Whatever it is, it is certainly recognisable as a ‘Bill Nelson album.’ How could it be otherwise? Hope you like it!'
Bill Nelson - November 2020.
01) Hide And Seek
02) Welcome To Wonderland
03) I Oil The Ticking Of Antique Clocks
04) Crazy Dreamer
05) The Golden Hour
06) Complicated
07) Mercuria Magnetica
08) Crazy Right Now
09) Bless Me, Bless You
10) New Vibrato Wonderland
11) The House Of A Hundred Clocks
12) In The Middle Of A Dream
13) Earthbound
14) Some Times, These Times