Format: Boxset
Artist: Clive Nolan
CatNo: 7090035890366
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Clive Nolan Song of the Wildlands Pendragon Arena Deluxe
Clive Nolan’s Song Of The Wildlands is based on one of the epics of Old English literature, Beowulf. 
To match this tale of grandeur and heroic deeds, Nolan has gathered together a vast number of collaborators, including four soloists, an international 200 voice choir, and a Rock band.
Deluxe 2CD/Blu-Ray/DVD edition in a vinyl-size hardback book containing 
• CD 1: The original album Song Of The Wildlands
• CD 2: Special Instrumental version of Song Of The Wildlands, plus bonus: The Narration performed by Ross Andrews.
• DVD/Blu-ray: The Making of Song Of The Wildlands – Feature Documentary by Neil Monaghan.
Inside the book is a compendium of artwork by David Wyatt, photographs, English and Old-English lyrics, and numerous details about the project. 


1. The Story Begins
2. There's a Threat
3. Crossing the Ocean
4. Beowulf's Promise
5. Grendel Attacks
6. Celebration
7. The Hag's Revenge
8. Journey
9. Underwater Cavern
10. Rewards
11. Beowulf, the King
12. Dragon Fire
13. The Warrior Dies
14. Funeral Pyre
15. The Story Ends
Instrumental version of the album plus The Narration performed by Ross Andrews
DVD / Blu-ray
The Making of Song Of The Wildlands - Feature Documentary by Neil Monaghan.
Clive Nolan - Orchestration, keyboards, and programming
Vicki Swan - Nyckelharpa
Mark Westwood - Electric Guitar
Stig Andre Clason - Acoustic Guitar
Arnfinn Isaksen - Bass Guitar
Scott Higham - Drums
Geir Johansen - Extra Percussion
Birgitte Njå - Lur
Morten Clason - Flute
Ross Andrews - Narrator
Ryan Morgan - Vocals (Beowulf)
Christina Booth - Vocals (Tyra)
Gemma Ashley - Vocals (Solveig)
Natalie Barnett - Vocals (Freja)
Ensemble Anonym - Plainchant
The "Wildland Warriors Choir" - Choir