Format: Cassette
Artist: Brian Eno
CatNo: EGMC65
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Brian Eno More Blank Than Frank Cassette

Containing songs from the period 1973-1977, More Blank Than Frank was released to mark the publication of More Dark Than Shark, a book based on Eno's lyrics featuring Russell Mills' illustrative interpretations of them. 

EG label cassette.

Please note these are not shrinkwrapped and have been in storage for many years. Sold as seen, no returns.

1 Here He Comes 5:36
2 Everything Merges With The Night 3:59
3 On Some Faraway Beach 3:37
4 I'll Come Running (To Tie Your Shoe) 3:37
5 Julie With 5:53
6 Taking Tiger Mountain 5:20
1 Backwater 3:40
2 St. Elmo's Fire 3:02
3 No One Receiving 3:45
4 The Great Pretender 5:04
5 Back In Judy's Jungle 5:14
6 King's Lead Hat 3:53