Format: CD
Artist: Bruce Soord
CatNo: KSCOPE3009
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Mid-price CD edition of the 2015 self-titled debut album from The Pineapple Thief frontman, Bruce Soord.
Having wanted to make a solo album for many years Soord found himself taking surprising paths to create his debut; here he explored the softer, dreamier side of his song-writing - more acoustic in nature - whilst retaining depth in its arrangement.
In addition to being a celebration of a wonderful and artistically decaying town, the songs describe a sense of the past that has been lost.
1. Black Smoke [3:27]
2. Buried Here [4:20]
3. The Odds [3:34]
4. A Thousand Daggers [4:46]
5. Willow Tree [5:14]
6. Born In Delusion [4:10]
7. Field Day Part 1 [3:15]
8. Field Day Part 2 [1:44]
9. Familiar Patterns [4:14]
10. Leaves Leave Me [5:17]