Format: Vinyl
Artist: Caravan
CatNo: UMCLP062
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Caravan Cunning_Stunts Vinyl
Caravan's final album for Decca, Cunning Stunts contained some of the group's most mature, melodic and ambitious music, with the 18-minute The Dabsong Conshirtoe being a highlight.
This re-issue faithfully replicates the original 1975 Decca Records UK release and is pressed on 180g vinyl.
1. The Show of Our Lives (5:47)
2. Stuck in a Hole (3:09)
3. Lover (5:08)
4. No Backstage Pass (4:35)
5. Welcome the Day (4:03)
1. Dabsong Conshirto (18:01) :
- a) The Mad Dabsong
- b) Ben Karratt Rides Again
- c) Pro's and Con's
- d) Wraiks and Ladders
- e) Sneaking Out the Bare Quare
- f) All Sorts of Unmentionable Things
2. The Fear and Loathing in Tollington Park (1:09)