2019 vinyl edition of Caravan's ambitious 1973 studio release For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night.
Regarded as a creative highpoint (along with the legendary In The Land Of Grey And Pink), Allmusic declared, "It is several steps ahead in terms of fresh musical ideas that wholly incorporate the band’s trademark humour within the otherwise serious and challenging sonic structures.”
Side A
1. Memory Lain, Hugh / Headloss 
2. Hoedown 
3. Surprise, Surprise 
4. C'thlu Thlu
Side B
1. The Dog, The Dog, He's at It Again 
2. Be All Right / Chance of a Lifetime 
3. L'Auberge du Sanglier / A Hunting We Shall Go / Pengola / Backwards / A Hunting We Shall Go (reprise)