Format: Cassette
Artist: Pentagram
CatNo: VILEMC554
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Pentagram Curious Volume cassette
The 2015 studio album from US legends Pentagram, reuniting the band with Peaceville Records once more.
Featuring 11 classic Heavy Metal compositions with catchy hooks from core band members Victor Griffin, Greg Turley, and Bobby Liebling (Pete Campbell on the drums completes the band's lineup), Curious Volume was recorded with Swedish producer Mattias Nilsson at studios located in Maryland and Virginia. Additional recording took place in Tennessee with Grammy-Award-winning producer Travis Wyrick, who also produced Pentagram's previous album, Last Rites. 
Formed in the early 1970s (debut album Relentless was released in 1985), Pentagram has survived more than four decades of adversity and triumph to become the internationally renowned band it is today: A band that has firmly stamped its name into the Heavy Metal history books. 
Limited edition cassette version.
Side A:
1. Lay Down And Die
2. The Tempter Push
3. Dead Bury Dead
4. Earth Flight
5. Walk Alone
6. Curious Volume
Side B:
1. Misunderstood
2. Close The Casket
3. Sufferin'
4. Devil's Playground
5. Because I Made It