Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Glass Hammer
CatNo: SR3522
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Double Live cd dvd Glass Hammer


Double Live is the first live album by Glass Hammer in over a decade.
Featuring epic tracks taken from the band's back catalogue, the 2cd/1dvd (ntsc, region 0) set was recorded live at RoSFest 2015.
'Musical grandeur....the boldest set of the weekend.' - Prog Magazine


CD 1: 
1) Nothing Everything (9:34)
2) So Close So Far (9:54)
3) Mythopoeia (9:17)
4) Third Floor (10:46)
CD 2: 
1) The Knight Of The North (26:12)
2) If The Stars (11:25)
3) Time Marches On (11:55)
DVD (ntsc, region 0): 
Glass Hammer live at RoSFest, 2015
Total Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes