Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Sanguine Hum
CatNo: EANTCD31043
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Sanguine Hum Now We Have Light cd dvd

Now We Have Light is the third Sanguine Hum album, following on from the acclaimed albums Diving Bell and the Weight of the World. 

A full-blown double CD concept album, the band have been working on the album for over a decade, and its roots go back to the days of Antique Seeking Nuns, Joff Winks and Matt Baber's pre Sanguine Hum band. 
A future parable set in an entirely possible scenario, in which entirely impossible events start occurring, the concept is a twisted mix of Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage and the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.
Henry Fool and No-Man drummer, Andrew Booker returns and renowned UK jazz vibraphone player Jim Hart guests.
The package features illustrations from graphic artist Meriel Waissman.
Special edition double cd / dvd version (featuring out-takes and a making of documentary).

CD 1:

1. Desolation Song
2. Drastic Attic
3. Getting Warmer
4. Out Of Mind
5. Theft
6. Shit!
7. Chat Show
8. Derision
CD 2:
1. Just A Prelude
2. Cat Factory
3. On The Beach
4. End Of The Line
5. Spanning The Eternal Abyss
6. Bubble Trouble
7. Settle Down
DVD (NTSC, Region 0):
1. The making of “Now We Have Light” Documentary
2. Documentary out-takes