Format: CD
Artist: Chester Thompson
CatNo: PRE0007
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Chester_Thompson Wake_Up_Call CD Genesis Phil_Collins

Renowned drummer/percussionist Chester Thompson (Genesis / Weather Report etc) presents an album of sizzling Fusion and Jazz Funk highlighting his peerless ability and compositional ambition.

CD in digipak.

1. Wake Up Call
2. Sunrise
3. Hide and Seek
4. Feel It
5. Smack ’Em
6. Sometime Soon
7. Attitude
8. Joy! Joy! Joy!
9. Reflection
Chester Thompson, Drums; 
Michiko Hill, Piano and Keyboards; 
Robert “Peewee” Hill, Bass; 
Akil Thompson, Guitar(3-5-8); 
Caleb Quay, Guitar (7-9); 
Ronnie Vann, Guitar (4); 
Brendan Harkin, Guitar (1); 
Jeff Coffin, Saxophones (5); 
Scheila Gonzalez, Saxophones (7); 
Walter Rodriguez, Percussion