Format: Vinyl
Artist: Daniel Tompkins
CatNo: KSCOPE1100
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TesseracT Jon Gomm White Moth Black Butterfly Daniel Tompkins
Featuring guest appearances from Trivium’s Matt Heafy, Paul Ortiz / Chimp Spanner and PliniRuins is a radical and darker 2020 re-interpretation of Daniel Tompkins’ debut solo album Castles (2019).
Significantly different from Castles, tracks have been renamed and aside from the lyrics, Ruins is essentially a new album.
Vinyl edition.
Ruins was created by producer and friend Eddie Head (Haji’s Kitchen) and also features guest artists and additional co-creators. Paul Ortiz (Chimpspanner) rewrote the music and acted as co-producer alongside Tompkins, and Plini plays guitar on opener ‘Wounded Wings’. First single ‘The Gift’ features Trivium frontman and guitarist, Matt Heafy, a friend of Tompkins who is also a prominent streamer on Twitch. When Matt agreed to contribute to ‘The Gift’, Tompkins wrote the parts and Heafy recorded them from his home studio and live on Twitch. “It was an honour to be featured on ‘The Gift’. Having been a longtime fan of Tesseract and Dan, this was a wonderful collaboration to take part of. People are going to be floored with this release.”
A.1 Wounded Wings (Feat. Plini) [5:53]
A.2 Ruins [5:29]
A.3 Tyrant [4:56]
A.4 Stains of Betrayal [4:52]
B.1 Empty Vows [3:58]
B.2 Sweet The Tongue [4:30]
B.3 A Dark Kind of Angel [4:38]
B.4 The Gift (Feat. Matthew K Heafy) [3:53]