Format: Vinyl
Artist: Dave Foster Band
CatNo: EERLP001
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Dave Foster Band Glimmer Vinyl Big Big Train
Glimmer is the second album by the Dave Foster Band. The DFB is a collaboration between acclaimed British guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Dave Foster (Big Big Train; the Steve Rothery Band) and Dutch vocalist Dinet Poortman
Glimmer combines guitar-driven rock, piano-led balladry and cinematic textures displaying dazzling technique with great restraint
Produced by Foster, the album features guest musicians including bassist Neil Fairclough (Queen + Adam Lambert), drummer Leon Parr (Steve Rothery Band), pianist Anthony Hindley and string arranger Stephen Boyce Buckley.
“The exceptionally talented Dave Foster returns with another diverse and melodic collection of songs.” - Steve Rothery (Marillion)
140g vinyl edition. Non-gatefold sleeve with insert.


1. Every Waking Moment
2. Run
3. Stigma
4. Chasing An Echo
5. Dive In 
6. Memory Box
7. … Or You Steal Some
8. The Rules Have Changed