Format: CD
Artist: Dominic Sanderson
CatNo: DS0101
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Dominic_Sanderson Impermanence CD
Impermanence - the debut album Dominic Sanderson - blends traditional symphonic progressive rock instrumenation (Mellotron, Hammond organ, flute and baritone saxophone) with modern production techniques with imagination and flair.
Taking King Crimson, Steven Wilson, Wobbler and Anglagard as primary influences, Impermanence luxuriates in its own contradictions combining hard-hitting suites, delicate ballads and and avant-garde experiments.
The album was recorded wholly independently by Dominic, his band and a variety of musicians and producers using the University of Liverpool’s SSL studio.
‘The young musician’s debut could be the start of something big... Dominic Sanderson has proggy talent in spades.’Prog
‘Impermanence is quite possibly the best truly progressive release I’ve heard in many a year... he takes his influences and blends them into something distinctive, unique and utterly brilliant.’Prog Radar
1. I Don’t Think I Can Get Over This After All
2. The Twisted Hand of Fate
3. This Night and the Wounds it Will Bring
4. Is There Calm Amongst This Chaos?
5. An Empty Room
6. A False Sense of Promise
7. Like Shards of Glass Falling Through My Fingers
Dominic Sanderson – Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Vocals, Mellotron 
Tristan Apperley – Bass, Hammond organ, Mellotron, Synthesisers, Keyboards, Violin, Viola 
Jacob Hackett – Drums, Congas, Percussion, Backing vocals 
Aaron Butterworth – Cello, Mellotron 
Tyler Swindley – Piano 
Joshua Joyner – Synthesisers 
Dan Ratcliffe – Violin 
Abi Clark – Flute 
Beatrice Overend – Baritone saxophone 
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Butterworth and Tristan Apperley with additional help from Joshua Joyner 
Artwork and lyrics by Matthew Sanderson