Jan Linton returns with collaborator Leo Abrahams (Eno, David Byrne, Imogen Heap etc) for his first song-based album since 2005's Planet Japan.
Following a series of instrumental, ambient CDs on Entropy Records (in collaboration with China's Buddha Machine and ex-Bowie bassist Matthew Seligman), Linton now returns to the song form and a more traditional Art Pop vein. 
I Actually Come Back begins with the lush Kindness Overture, featuring Abrahams' soaring guitar lines and an evocative string arrangement. The rest of the 34 minute album takes in influences from Electro-Pop, Post Rock, Ambient, Blues and Classical.
A sensuous, sometimes bittersweet, return to the UK music scene from one of Asia's most mysterious British expat musicians.
CDR in digipak
1. Kindness (Overture) (1:01) 
2. I Actually Come Back (Radio Edit) (4:52) 
3. The Kindness of Strangers (4:37) 
4. Emancipate Your Heart (Radio Edit) (5:48) 
5. Anemone (2015 Remix) (4:38) 
6. A Love Like Rain (4:26) 
7. Kindness (Reprise) (1:17) 
8. Birds in the Dream Forest/Route 2 (5:36) 
9. The Nightingale (1:23) 
10. I Actually Come Back (Reprise) ():53)
Jan Linton- vocals, guitars & ebow, fretless guitar, electric zhongruan, harmonica, piano, keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, drum programming.
Leo Abrahams- guitars and effects
Matthew Seligman- fretless basses on I Actually Come Back
Derek Pierce- guitars and all programming on "Emancipate Your Heart"
Miao- piano/synth on "A Love Like Rain"
Minol- drums and percussion on "The Kindness of Strangers"
Kenichi Kurosawa- additional guitars on "The Kindness of Strangers"
Mariko- Violins on "The Kindness of Strangers"
Joe Lung- drums on "A Love Like Rain"
Lanie Rosario- backing vocals on "I Actually Come Back"
Barbie Liu- backing vocals on "I Actually Come Back"
All tracks composed by Linton except "Emancipate Your Heart" (music by Pierce, lyrics by Linton), "Anemone" (music by Abrahams, lyrics by Linton) "A Love Like Rain" (Mannan/Linton) "Route 2" By Abrahams, "The Nightingale" (lyrics by Mannan, music by Linton)