Format: CD
Artist: Peter Murphy
CatNo: CLOCD0022
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Peter Murphy Wild Birds Live Tour Bauhaus cd
A previously unreleased live recording from The House Of Blues in Los Angeles on April 4, 2000.
Featuring a brilliant 18 track setlist of Peter Murphy's greatest hits on 2 CDs, PM is backed by a line-up featuring members of Bauhaus and Jane's Addiction.
A deluxe gatefold mini-LP replica package with reverse board jacket. 
CD 1:
1. Final Solution
2. Scarlet Thing In You
3. Wild Birds
4. Mirror To My Woman's Mind
5. Subway
6. Disappearing
7. Deep Ocean Vast Sea
8. I'll Fall On Your Knife
9. Crystal Wrists
10. The Sweetest Drop
CD 2:
1. Hit Song
2. Indigo Eyes
3. Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
4. A Strange Kind Of Love
5. Cuts You Up
6. Surrendered
7. Roll Call - Recall
8. Huuvola