Format: CD
Artist: Betty Everett
CatNo: SNAP226CD
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Vee-Jay Years Its In His Kiss Betty Everett Vee-Jay CD

For contractual reasons this release is not available for sale in North America

Classic cuts for Vee-Jay from 1963 to 1966 from one of the period's leading stars, plus earlier tracks from Chicago's Onederful Records.

Betty Everett was one of the most successful female soul singers of the Sixties, her sophisticated records epitomising the highly popular 'girl' soul sound of the time and anticipating Motown's successful pop/soul formula.
She made her best records for Chicago's Vee-Jay Records between 1963 and 1966 and the 30 tracks included in this collection represent the cream of these.
This is the most comprehensive single collection of her quintessential Vee-Jay work available, with its emotive ballads contrasting nicely with up tempo, classic dance tracks like 'You're No Good' and the punchy 'Getting Mighty Crowded'. It also features "the classic Shoop Shoop Song", latterly popularised by Cher.
Includes all her Vee-Jay solo hits, as well as seven of her fine duets with her fellow label star Jerry Butler which including their biggest hit the cover of The Everly Brothers classic, 'Let It Be Me'.
The last two tracks on this collection are outstanding examples of her earlier R &B sound when she recorded for Chicago's One-derful Records and give a taste of her bluesy diva roots.
1. You're No Good
2. Chained To Your Love
3. The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)
4. Hands Off
5. It Hurts To Be In Love
6. Hound Dog
7. Until You Were Gone
8. The prince Of players
9. I Need You So
10. I Can't Hear You
11. Let It Be Me (Duet with Jerry Butler)
12. Love Is Strange (Duet with Jerry Butler)
13. I Can't Stand It
14. The Way You Do The Things You Do (Duet with Jerry Butler)
15. Getting Mighty Crowded
16. Chained To A Memory
17. Down In The Country
18. June Night
19. I'm Gonna Be Ready
20. The Real Thing
21. No place To Hide
22. Too Hot To Hold
23. Trouble Over The Weekend
24. The Shoe Won't Fit
25. With You I Stand
26. Ain't That Loving You Baby (Duet with Jerry Butler)
27. Just Be true (Duet with Jerry Butler)
28. Smile (Duet with Jerry Butler)
29. Your Love Is Important To Me
30. Please Love Me.