Format: CD
Artist: Bobby Womack
CatNo: SNAP231CD
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Bobby Womack Across 110th Street CD
Bobby Womack's 1972 hit single 'Across 110th Street' was the title song from Barry Shear-directed movie starring Anthony Quinn for which Womack provided the soundtrack music, and has since found an even wider audience having featured prominently in Quentin Tarantino's blockbuster 'Jackie Brown'.
Vividly evoking the hardships of ghetto life depicted in both of the movies, it has become a 'Blaxploitation' classic. 
Other highlights include 'If You Don't Want My Love', a relaxed acoustic groove with lyrics about an ultimatum issued by a scorned lover; 'Quicksand', and up-tempo number featuring electric piano and string segues and lyrics reflecting the hectic pace of life in Harlem, and 'Do It Right', superb slab of funk-rock with wild guitar accompaniment.
1. Across 110th Street
2. Harlem Clavinette (Instrumental)
3. If You Don't Want My Love
4. Hang On In There (Instrumental)
5. Quicksand
6. Harlem Love Theme (Instrumental)
7. Across 110th Street (Instrumental)
8. Do It Right
9. Hang On In There
10. If You Don't Want My Love
11. (Instrumental)
12. Across 110th Street, part II.