During the 1980s, Burning Shed artist Michael Peters worked with experimental German band Camera Obscura.
A subtle fusion of Ambient, Krautrock and Progressive influences, this CD reissue of the band?s debut album sometimes recalls vintage Fripp/Eno, early Genesis and the delicate atmospherics of Cluster.
An understated and underrated curio from a very different time.
1. Die Reise 16.46
2. A l'horizon Clervaux 4.36
3. Alle Zeit der Welt 21:35
Hans Niederberger - Fairlight CMI, Yamaha CP 70, Roland TR808, Banana Synthesizer, Hammond Organ
Matthias Becker - EMS VCS 3, Fairlight CMI, Korg Poly 800, Hagstrom Bass, Tape Loops, Patience
Urs Fuchs - Music Man Bass, Ovation Acoustic Guitar, Banana Synthesizer, Xylophone
Michael Peters - Guitar and Devices

Not to be confused with the Belgian/ French Industrial group of te same name, the debut LP of Germany's Caera Obscura is one of the most enchanting electronic records of spatial music I've heard in a long time.  Consisting basically of two syntheseisers and two guitarists, they set up a soaring soundscape of ethereal ambiences filled with intertwining waves of electronics and guitar tones.  Comparison with Fripp / Eno and perhaps Vangelis aren't too far off, but Camera Obscura lacks both their intellectualism and instead creates a more organic, evolving sound that effortlessly combines softness with heavy dynamics in a breathtaking way.  Great stuff, give a listen.  Eurock Review ca. 1984