Format: CD
Artist: The Halflife
CatNo: CZ0016
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The Halflife Storm Damage CD Alistair Murphy
The fourth album continues many of the experiments of the previous one. The 90s rock of the first two albums slips to the background, step up Jeremy Salmon, whose extended solo on "Wait" is a far cry from the 80s and 90s style of the earlier albums - more Frank Zappa than Johnny Marr!
The disguised Prog leanings of earlier works comes to the fore in the epic "Storm Damage", songs-within-songs 'calm and then storm, and then calm'
1. Wait (5.34)
2. Late (5.44)
3. Babblecade (3.04)
4. Light Up The City (4.08)
5. Storm Damage (9.05)
6. Babblecade (again) (1.13)
7. Turn Him Down (4.02)
8. Treading Water (5.08)
9. 'Nice and Easy' (4.13)
10. Couldn't Wait Anymore (4.04)
11. Fading (6.07)
Laurie A'Court : Saxes
Ian Burrage : Drums
Nigel Digby : Bass
Alistair Murphy : Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars and Bass
Michael Rooney : Vocals
Jeremy Salmon : Guitars, Bass and Percussion
Diana Hare : Vocals
Jim Halsall : Harmonica
Laurence Elly : Bass
Recorded by Alistair Murphy
Produced by Alistair Murphy, Jeremy Salmon and Ian Burrage