Format: CD
Artist: In Lingua Mortua
CatNo: termocd007
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In Lingua Mortua Salon des Refuses CD
Vintage Prog, avant-Jazz and Black Metal collide on this intriguing sophomore album from Lars Frederik Froislie's project.
Notable guests include Jorgen Munkeby (Shining), Jacob Holm-Lupo (White Willow) and Ketil Einarsen (Jaga Jazzist) amongst others.
Froislie's arsenal of antique keyboards (mellotron, chamberlin, clavinet, hammond organ, prophet-5 etc) battles it out with saxophone, flutes and a truckload of guitars.
Welcome to the birthplace of Symphonic DeathJazz! 
"Lars' refreshing blend of an impressive intellectual display and direct raw power has been a big inspiration for me. Lars is a true pioneer. He was the first person to invite me to play sax in a Black Metal setting, and in so doing, contributed strongly to Shining's later development." - Jorgen Munkeby 
1. Full Fathom Five (3.19)
2. Existence (2.57)
3. Darkness (5.08)
4. Catharsis (3.33)
5. Like the Ocean (8.11)
6. Into the Mincer (1.42)
7. Open the Doors of Janus (5.32)
8. Electrocution (1.29)
9. Skjelvende av Angst (3.46)
10. A Force of Nature (2.11)
11. Cold Void Messiah (6.31)