Comprising flute and acoustic guitar instrumentals, 'Moonspinner' is a continuation of the delicate and melodic Classical/Progressive hybrid releases 'Sketches of Satie' (with Steve Hackett), 'Velvet Afternoon' and 'Prelude to Summer'. 
'Moonspinner' contains 14 John Hackett compositions, plus Debussy's Syrinx for solo flute and JS Bach's Andante from BWV 1034. 
'A beautiful album. Uplifting, beguiling and utterly charming.' - DPRP
1. Witchfinder 
2. Appassionata 
3. Red Hair 
4. Overnight Snow 
5. Moonspinner 
6. Windhover 
7. Green Shoes 
8. The Shepherd Wheel 
9. No Going Back 
10. The Great Including 
11. Aftermath 
12. Two Daughters 
13. The Prince of Morimont 
14. Thoughts Turn Homeward
15. Andante 
16. Syrinx
All tracks written by John Hackett except 15 (JS Bach from BWV 1034) and 16 (Debussy).