Format: CD
Artist: Lightnin Hopkins
CatNo: SNAP136CD
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Ligtnin Hopkins Lightnin Strikes CD blues
One of the legendary bluesman's finest albums, released by Vee-Jay Records in 1962, now supplemented with four bonus tracks from 1960.
'Lightnin' Strikes' is one in a series of enhanced re-issues of classic blues albums released by Chicago-based Vee Jay Records. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the label's founding and this series is part Charly's reissue program of highlights from its wide-ranging and extensive catalogue.
Texas-born Sam 'Lightnin' Hopkins was a highly prolific blues man who recorded for many labels during his long and distinguished career. 'Lightnin' Strikes' was the only album he made for Vee Jay and is widely regarded as being one of his finest.
 Originally released in 1962, the album is a pleasing mix of up-tempo and sombre blues numbers which admirably showcase Hopkins' potent guitar style and rugged vocals.
Alongside it's special packaging, this re-issue is enhanced by the addition of four bonus tracks from a live recording made in Los Angeles in 1960.
'Lightnin' Strikes' features the original album's artwork with a new introduction written by blues authority, Les Fancourt. The accompanying booklet includes the album's original sleeve notes and a full discography.
1. Got Me A Louisiana Woman
2. Want To Come Home
3. Please Don't Quit Me
4. Devil Is Watching You
5. Rolling And Rolling
6. War Is Starting Again
7. Walkin' Round In Circles
8. Mary Lou
9. Heavy Snow
10. Coon Is Hard To Catch.
1. Introduction/Big Car Blues
2. Coffee House Blues
3. Stool pigeon Blues
4. Ball Of Twine