Format: CD
Artist: Mandrake Project
CatNo: GVR003
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Mandrake Project Transitions CD
Glassville Records latest signing is US band, Mandrake Project. 
Joining the impressive roster of Riverside, Paatos and Sun Domingo, Mandrake Project's Glassville debut 'Transitions' is an accessible and adventurous affair utilising all aspects of the band's abilities and drawing from influences as diverse as David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Elbow, 10cc, Sigur Ros and The Arcade Fire. 
After their ambitious 2006 debut 'A Favor to the Muse' and 2009's lush 'A Miraculous Container', Mandrake Project returns with 'Transitions'. 
Mandrake Project's long-standing tradition of ornately composed cinematic anthems continues, but the increasing vocal contributions of John Schisler has shifted the emphasis in a decisive and fresh way.
Kirk Salopek: "A short meeting with Steven Wilson provided the band with an introduction to Rob Palmen who manages Riverside and The Pineapple Thief and was having plans to start Glassville Records along with acts like Paatos and Sun Domingo. Mandrake was initially slated to release a 6 song EP. That idea expanded into finishing a new full-length record using individual song ideas from each member, much in the spirit of Ummagumma". 
"Brilliantly played cinematic pop music. Imagine Elbow playing a soundtrack to a David Lynch movie." Tim Bowness (on hearing the band's 2006 demos)
1. Transitions (3:48)
2. We Are You (3:23)
3. In Love (3:13)
4. Black Bag (3:42)
5. Dry In The Quarter (3:47)
6. Temptress (4:02)
7. The Old Is New (5:12)
8. Diabolique (4:31)
9. Wide Open (4:49)
10. Given Away (3:30)
11. Sang For Min Fru (3:48)
12. Providence (5:19)
13. Rain (2:20)