Format: CD
Artist: Moonbound
CatNo: UR006CD
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cd moonbound confession and release
Moonbound's debut album Confession And Release combines accessible hooks and potent rock energy, with inventive production values.
Featuring Markus Reuter and King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto, the album was recorded between October 2005 and April 2007 in Europe and the US.
This is the expanded European version with 10-page booklet.
1. Nina
2. Tired Of Being Good
3. Future After You
4. Confession And Release
5. Last Minute Of The day
6. My Life Ain't Worth Being Lived Without You
7. It Looks Like Rain
8. Luna Calante (Waning Moon)
9. Divergent Moons
10. Up Above
11. Flight Towards The Sky
12. The Lengths A Man Will Go To

FABIO TRENTINI (Italy): songs, production, lead vocals, basses, guitars, keys, programming - With: JEFF COLLIER (USA): songs, vocal co-production, backing vocals and vocal fx, drums; MODO BIERKAMP (Germany): co-production, co-engineering & mixing, additional guitars and keys; PAT MASTELOTTO (USA): drums and percussion; HENNING RÜMENAPP (Germany): guitars; MAIK SCHOTT (Germany): keys and Hammond organ; MARKUS REUTER (Germany) Warr guitar and Chapman Stick; ARNE NEURAND (Germany): drums and percussion, co-engineering & mixing; MILAN POLAK (Austria): guitar; SVEN PETRI (Germany): drums; MARIO BRINKMANN (Germany): keys and sound treatments; MARTIN HUCH (Germany): lap steel and pedal steel; INGO KNOLLMANN (Germany) additional vocals.